The Kings Lesson, Vol 1.

Scott Ohtoro – Producer, Chef, Business Man, & Label Owner has released quality music since moving to Hawai’i to discover his Parents roots. He has worked with Hawaii Hip-Hop mainstays like Illnomadic, Punahele, and L.A. G’s like Blu & Exile. His newest produced project is with Doctabarz hit up the band camp link above to peep one track and preorder the whole album. Support Hawaii Hip-Hop. One.

The Center

Welcome to Epicenter Hip-Hop. We first aim to uncover Hip-Hop Culture from the middle of the Pacific, Asia, Austrailia, and New Zealand. With Hawai’i being the Center. Our Goal is to expose the new and culivate the OG. Each one of our Writers will obviously have their own bias toward a type or style of music (we don’t want mindless robots) but all aimed at the greater good to wake up the rest of the world to our music.