New Producer – Sub Lo

With a new platform like ECHH, we have the ability to get introduced to new artist. Sub-Lo‘s smooth melodies and hard-hitting drums have provide artists with their next big hits. As an artist, Sub-Lo blends styles from Korean R&B, Trap, Boom Bap and New School R&B to create his unique sound. Currently he has worked with Hawaii rappers, 4K, Matt Martyr, Astro Guillotine, Israel, & Dr. Timmons. Look out for more production from this up and coming Producer.

Shing02 – Working with Nujabes

The Lightsleepers have been celebrating the life of J-Dilla and Nujabes for a few years now with an event every February. Shing02, has been living in Hawaii for the past 7 years. For those who love the music Nujabes has blessed us with will love to hear the insight of Shing02. Check for Shing02 and his band as they travel the world with their Nujabes tribute show. Check date here.

The Grouch & MURS in Hawaii

Thees Hands – The Grouch & MURS with DJ Fresh on the turns are back in Hawaii with a small kine island hoppin’ tour. You want Epitome of Hip-Hop ill take these 2 artist careers over any. Hit em up on Maui, B.I., Kauai, and at The Next Door on Oahu. Big up DJ Bone on another show. Click that link for tickets.

The Kings Lesson, Vol 1.

Scott Ohtoro – Producer, Chef, Business Man, & Label Owner has released quality music since moving to Hawai’i to discover his Parents roots. He has worked with Hawaii Hip-Hop mainstays like Illnomadic, Punahele, and L.A. G’s like Blu & Exile. His newest produced project is with Doctabarz hit up the band camp link above to peep one track and preorder the whole album. Support Hawaii Hip-Hop. One.

The Center

Welcome to Epicenter Hip-Hop. We first aim to uncover Hip-Hop Culture from the middle of the Pacific, Asia, Austrailia, and New Zealand. With Hawai’i being the Center. Our Goal is to expose the new and culivate the OG. Each one of our Writers will obviously have their own bias toward a type or style of music (we don’t want mindless robots) but all aimed at the greater good to wake up the rest of the world to our music.