The Grouch & MURS in Hawaii

Thees Hands – The Grouch & MURS with DJ Fresh on the turns are back in Hawaii with a small kine island hoppin’ tour. You want Epitome of Hip-Hop ill take these 2 artist careers over any. Hit em up on Maui, B.I., Kauai, and at The Next Door on Oahu. Big up DJ Bone on another show. Click that link for tickets.

I.A. – “Hard to Beat”

I.A. is hard to beat. With another feel good anthem visually dripped with Hawai’i Champions from years past to future legends. He is carving a sound for Island Hip-Hop backed with the full monty of professional music videos, production, and promotion + add his non-stop work ethic, i can’t see I.A. stopping anytime soon…unless he gets a staring role in a block buster movie? Watch the video and get familiar with his catalog of music.

The Kings Lesson, Vol 1.

Scott Ohtoro – Producer, Chef, Business Man, & Label Owner has released quality music since moving to Hawai’i to discover his Parents roots. He has worked with Hawaii Hip-Hop mainstays like Illnomadic, Punahele, and L.A. G’s like Blu & Exile. His newest produced project is with Doctabarz hit up the band camp link above to peep one track and preorder the whole album. Support Hawaii Hip-Hop. One.