Bene De La – “Young and Ugly”

Bene De La moved from Hawaii to the North West to pursue his life as a cowboy…nah he doing what grown men do…handle theirs! A member of Horror Story (w/ DJ JonCozy) and the larger crew; Workhouse. Produced by D’Artizt. This is some of the most original music to come out of Hawai’i Hip-Hop. Can’t wait for the album.

EDP BEATS – Producer Tips

EPB BEATS, moved to Hawaii a few years ago and made his mark by entering The Lightsleepers, BEATROOT Producer Battles. He has been running his studio, down in Ewa Beach, and has opened up his book of knowledge to help Producers and Artist with their craft. Check out his youtube channel (like and subscribe), and keep checking back for more Producer tips.

New Producer – Sub Lo

With a new platform like ECHH, we have the ability to get introduced to new artist. Sub-Lo‘s smooth melodies and hard-hitting drums have provide artists with their next big hits. As an artist, Sub-Lo blends styles from Korean R&B, Trap, Boom Bap and New School R&B to create his unique sound. Currently he has worked with Hawaii rappers, 4K, Matt Martyr, Astro Guillotine, Israel, & Dr. Timmons. Look out for more production from this up and coming Producer.

iLLNOMADIC – “Second Language”

Navid Najafi a.k.a. ILLNOMADIC newest album, “Second Language” breaks thru the all barriers and delivers equal lyrics with knowledge bombs! Production by his Super Groupers bruddah, Scott Othoro, they put together another master piece. Also featuring guest MCs; Punahele, Nick Kurosawa, and Keith Cross. Cop a copy on Band Camp and check out his live show!

Willy G (feat. $tupidYoung & YungMain) – “Whats Your Name”

Willy G been holding down Hawai’i’s Ewa Beach from Jump he links with Downtown, Honolulu’s – YungMain & Long Beaches – $tupidYoung to make a street banger. This one got a milly on the views is stupid dumb! Big ups to the uber talented DJ Idea who Produced & Shot the video .

4K – “Love Me”

4K of the Glacier Boyz has been zonin’ in his sound for some years now. We think he got the juice to hit the mainstream. Check out his explantion of his new mash up sound. “This was my take on one of my most favorite duos ever, Children Of Zeus’s “Hard Work”, with also taking from Bob Marleys “Waiting In Vein” Produced by Chuki Beats. When i made this song i was just coming down off of a mild acid trip, this beat popped up and i just started to write with their harmonies in mind for background stuff. Gonna do more of these #4KMashUps through out 2020, stay tuned! #GB2020

Shing02 – Working with Nujabes

The Lightsleepers have been celebrating the life of J-Dilla and Nujabes for a few years now with an event every February. Shing02, has been living in Hawaii for the past 7 years. For those who love the music Nujabes has blessed us with will love to hear the insight of Shing02. Check for Shing02 and his band as they travel the world with their Nujabes tribute show. Check date here.

Tha Bat – “Decade Rap-Up”

This is what Hawaii Hip-Hop does different than all. We got bruddahs that murder waves and flows like em. How does one pack Ten Years in one rap? Like how does one drop in on 10 ft pipe? Well Tha Bat aka Chris Simpson done did it, BOTH! On the real, don’t know much about this ripper but he rips this one off nicely. Hope to hear more from the Mic Stewart.

Studderin’ Stan – “Tru”

Studderin’ Stan producer for Ryme the Old Man, Vital See, and Soul Pacific has been a mainstay in Hawaii Hip-Hop producer mix. The former Beatroot Grand Champion has a slew of beats up on his soundcloud listen to this flip of Spandau Ballet’s classic 80s track, “True”. Try not to sing the original lyrics.